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Alex Huff, vice president of health technology, 512/465-1558

In this time of COVID-19, we understand the challenges clinical teams face as travel nurses are brought in to address nursing shortages. Travel nurses need support getting up to speed in their new surroundings, and permanent nursing staff are stretched thin with limited bandwidth to train new staff.

A nurse checks bedside on a patient

Elemeno solves this problem.

Elemeno is an essential learning and communication tool that your team can access at the point-of-care, directly from their mobile or desktop device.

The Elemeno approach keeps your staff updated and engaged by providing unit-specific information for the following:

  • Texas-specific nursing regulations
  • Pre-built COVID guidelines
  • Available supplies and their locations
  • Unit floor plans and maps
  • Staff profiles
  • Weekly updates
  • Step-by-step equipment instructions and guidelines
  • Ongoing essential workflow and procedural changes
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Wellness Navigator
  • Brief videos for bedside support

Elemeno is a 24/7 customizable resource for your travel and permanent staff nurses.

How UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Is Using Elemeno

See how UCSF is getting their frontline teams up to speed quickly on clinical procedures, workflows and equipment.

The CNO Perspective: Frontline Engagement & Patient Outcomes

Jamie Wiggins, chief clinical officer and chief nurse officer gives the importance of staff engagement and how Elemeno Health supports Children's Hospital New Orleans.

“We use Elemeno to customize our equipment, to show our frontline staff how to set it up, and also to help with softer skills needed at the bedside. It is so innovative. You can customize it however you need. Our team sends weekly updates through Elemeno; we use Elemeno to show the right way to clean a central line; we recognize each other through Elemeno. It is many tools in one!”

- Amy Waldrup
Sr. Director of Patient Services at Children’s Hospital New Orleans

Hospitals are experiencing unprecedented costs due to staff turnover and employee burnout.

The wellness of all nurses has never been as severely impacted as a result of the extraordinarily long shifts and variation in workplace cultures.

screenshots of Elemeno product in use

Elemeno helps reduce burnout and turnover, plus provides wellness tools that improve peer-to-peer interactions and communication.

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