Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared for Your Patients and Communities When They Need You Most

Responding to emergencies with precision and proficiency is a hallmark of Texas hospitals’ work. Whether it is an impending hurricane along the Texas coast or a pandemic outbreak, Texas hospitals and public health officials work hard to ensure preparedness and safety for all unforeseen emergencies. To help Texas hospitals provide uninterrupted care to the patients and communities they serve, the Texas Hospital Association has curated the following resources to assist hospitals navigate emergency situations.

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COVID-19 Resources for Texas Hospitals

Texas hospital are encouraged to visit THA's COVID-19 Resource Center for the latest guidance and updates for hospitals to prepare for and respond to the outbreak. 

THA's COVID-19 Resource Center

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Severe Weather Resources

Review the latest guidance from THA, the CDC, Texas Health and Human Services Commission and other public health officials on how to prepare for hurricanes and other severe weather patterns.

During the 2019 legislative session, Texas hospitals supported and helped pass Senate Bill 752, by Senator Joan Huffman (R-Houston), to expand liability protections for volunteer health care providers to ensure access to essential care services during a disaster.

Infectious Disease Resources

The resources below provide tips and updates on emergency readiness for viruses and outbreaks like COVID-19, Zika and Ebola.

Review the latest updates, resources, alerts and actions for hospitals in THA’s COVID-19 Resource Center.

Review information on the Zika Virus and resources to keep your patients safe on THA’s Zika Resource Center.

Review information on the Ebola Virus and resources to keep your patients safe on THA’s Ebola Resource Center.

Review recommendations for Measles diagnosis, immunizations, infection prevention and control from THA and the Texas Medical Association here.

Plain Language Emergency Alerts

Learn more about plain language emergency alerts, a series of standardized emergency codes that help mitigate confusion and help health care providers respond to emergent situations.

Learn more about the goal of plain-language emergency alerts in Texas Hospitals here.

Many hospitals and health systems across Texas have developed and adopted plain-language emergency alerts to promote the safety of their patients, visitors, physicians and staff. Learn more about the workgroup here.

Interested in incorporating plain-language alerts to improve your hospital’s communication in emergent situations? Download THA’s whitepaper here.