Hospital Requests for Hospital Employee Support

The THA Hospital Employee Assistance Fund, administered by the Texas Hospital Association Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was established to provide assistance to hospital employees who suffered significant property loss during Hurricane Harvey and the resulting flooding. THA began mobilizing collection efforts to support the fund through donations from hospitals, other associations and vendors nationwide.

We hope the fund will help your employees who are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together after such a devastating loss.


1. Designate a liaison to manage fund requests.

2. Provide funding request form to employees (“THA Hospital Employee Assistance Fund Employee Request for Assistance” ( FORM A) meet eligibility criteria listed below.

3. Eligibility criteria:

a. Must be a full or part-time hospital employee who lives in one of the designated disaster counties in Texas; and
b. Must have suffered significant property loss to their home/residence during the Hurricane Harvey storm and resulting flood.

4. Fill out Form B and send to THA at or 1108 Lavaca Avenue; Austin, Texas 78701.

5. THA will distribute checks to the designated hospital liaison as well as other communication to the hospital administrator. Please complete FORM C, the “Required Information from Hospitals that Distribute Funds to Employees”. It should be completed after you distribute the funds to the employees. A copy of FORM C should be returned to the Texas Hospital Association Foundation, by mail at 1108 Lavaca Street, Austin, TX 78701 or by email to

We hope these funds will be used to supplement other fundraising efforts and help provide some relief to those who really need it. For information about the THA Hospital Employee Assistance Fund, or if you have questions about the distribution process, contact us at or 512/465-1000.

Required Forms

For Hospital Employees

Form A: Employees Form Requesting Funds

For Hospitals

Form B: Hospitals to Request Funds for Employees Who Meet Criteria

Form C: Required Info from Hospitals that Distribute Funds to Employees

THA Hospital Employee Assistance Fund


Carrie Kroll, vice president, advocacy quality/public Health, 512/465-1043