Health Care Coverage Expansion

The need for reliable access to health care services has never been more salient. There are more uninsured residents in Texas than any other state in the nation. And pandemic-induced job loss has caused even more Texans to lose their health insurance. It’s time we fix this.

The Texas Hospital Association and its member hospitals are committed to increasing access to comprehensive health care coverage for every Texan who needs it. Health care coverage will help Texans maintain and ultimately improve their baseline health, ensure a productive workforce and reduce health care costs. THA continues to educate lawmakers on the need for a health care coverage solution and offers resources to support member hospitals' advocacy as well.

Jennifer Banda, J.D., senior vice president, advocacy and public policy, 512/465-1046
Carrie Williams, chief communications officer, 512/465-1052
Anna Stelter, senior director of policy analysis, 512/465-1556

Digital Toolkit

Use THA’s digital messages with the hashtag #CoverTexans to promote health care coverage expansion on your social networks.

Social Media Messages

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Studies and Reports

Learn how the state can achieve a coverage solution from these industry expert reports.

THA in the News

Read more to see how THA is working with media and other channels to educate the public about health care coverage expansion.